PEARLS (Preparing Eager Achievers to Redirect their Lives Successfully)

PEARLS (Preparing Eager Achievers to Redirect their Lives Successfully) provides holistic support for Black and Latina girls ages 12 to 17, including counseling, workshops, and activities like equine-assisted therapy that provide social, emotional, and career-development learning opportunities. The age group covered is 12 to 18 years old.

This 9-month long program that coincides with the school years was created with support from the Women’s Fund, in 2018 as way to enhance the already wonderful programs we have in the community. The program continues to be partially funded by the Women’s Foundation when funds are available. We also receive support from businesses and funds we have ourselves set aside for this program, as we see it as an investment into the future of young people in our community.

We accept young women from our community regardless of how they were referred to us, but we do try to inform the school system, Social Services, and other organizations that work with young adults about the program.

There is no cost for the program, and any parent who has issues with transportation can let us know, and we will do our very best to make an effort to get them transportation to and from the stables or any event we may have.

The Use Of Horses As Therapy

Riding horses builds confidence and allows our PEARLS to put aside our troubles and focus on a special bond that a horse gives us.

Life is unpredictable, and we sometimes can’t control what goes on. But for the moment, we are sharing our emotions with this wonderful animal which gives us a sense of accomplishment. We are of the thought that if we can manage a 1,500-pound lovely creature, you can handle anything, which is what we want the ladies to experience while they are at the barn.

We have partnered with Cashlovell Stables located here in Winston Salem. The stables are owned and operated by a mother and daughter team that also shares our passion for helping young women find their potential through horses.

Additional Activities

We want this to be an experience where they can see other options and opportunities waiting for them. We want them to know that despite what challenges they may be going through right now, there is a world undiscovered in which they can have the opportunity to do so when they focus their energy on positive things.

We do classes on financial planning, dance class, swimming, camping, five-star dining experience, and bowling, just to name a few.