Help us secure a Safe House Shelter
November 13, 2017

Help a victim of violence during the holiday season by donating at least $5.00 for this holiday season! Please visit our GoFundMe page to donate.

From November 11th till December 12th, we are asking our friends, family and anyone who would like to help one of our families in need, to donate at least $5.00 (or more if you like!), and to forward and share this initiative and the GoFundMe link with others.  Every little bit counts!!  A small percentage will still go to our goal of raising money for our shelter.

Visit GoFundMe Page

Eliza’s Helping Hands, in collaboration with Community Intervention and Educational Services, is campaigning to raise money for our new safe house where we can offer more services and programs to those in need. We are trying to raise the remaining balance of $30,000 so that we may purchase the safe house. We have been servicing the community with our programs and services is 2012, and have nonprofit status.

Although located in our community of Winston Salem and Kernersville, we will also be able to provide services for those victims who may be in transit to another location, so it is open to serve any victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or human trafficking.

We currently service victims by court advocacy, counseling, educational services, linking them up with other programs, support groups as well as servicing their children.

We have negotiated the price for the home in which we would like to purchase and would like to close and finalize by the end of November 30, 2017.

We can not express how grateful we are to have such great support in our community and we hope that we can gain not only support here but across the country, as the issues, we try to tackle affects us as a nation. So please share with your friends and family!