Riding for Power Program

Eliza’s Helping Hands, Community Intervention “ COOL PROGRAM” and Cashlovell Stables, will be sponsoring our first horse’s for power program starting May 8th and run until June 12th.

New Rider Liability Release and Information

Sponsor a Child

Riding for Power

As we know, anyone going through Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault is a stressful, exhausting, mentally draining experience for children and adult survivors. We wanted to be able to offer a unique service to children and survivors who may be going through or experiencing Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Learning how to communicate, control and guide these wonderful creatures is an empowering feeling.

Horses are wonderful creatures given to us a gift from God and can be used to help us find some peace in that short time that we are with them. Participants will be allowed 3 free sessions over the course of 6 weeks, learning different riding styles and how to communicate with the horses. For those who choose not to ride, you can hang around the barn and learn about horse grooming and hang out with the other animals at the stables.

When and Days of Lessons

We will start taking applications starting on March first and will have a cut off date of April 14th 2017. The program will begin May 8th and run through June 12th 2017. Because this will be a first for us going through this program, we will limit our space to the first 15 people that submit applications. The classes will be held on Monday’s from 6pm to 7:00pm



For children

Cashlovell Stables has over 40 years of working with horses. With that being said, they have a wonderful programs and services for children starting at age 3 and up. Parents must complete both their application form and our application form. We would like for parents and guardians to be a part of this experience with their child, so we encourage them to bring their child to the stables for their lessons. If there is a challenge with transportation, please let us know so that we can make possible arrangements to get them to the lesson.

The lessons will be conducted in a group style with staff members and volunteers assisting. Safety is important, so we along with the stable staff will make sure that each child is secure with appropriate equipment and instruction.


We welcome you to participate! We want you to participate! If you can handle a 1,000-pound animal, we know you can handle anything!

How to apply?

You many download our application here. You must also fill out the Cash Lovell Stable Application below.


New Rider Liability Release and Information

You can fax to 336 283-0777, mail to 1225 East 5th Street, or email the application to: Kenyact2015@gmail.com. Please contact us at 336 776-0322 if you have challenges with any of the methods of getting application.

Want to help? Sponsor a child!

Sponsor a Child

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