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U-Haul Rental

Eliza’s Helping Hands Inc & The “Cool Program”

Uhaul Moving Program for Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault are two of the most traumatic situations that any human being can go through. If the person is brave and has enough support he or she can overcome the abuse with the help of supportive family, friends and providers in the community. To end domestic violence and sexual assault, we all need to be part of the solution. Educating yourself and others, helping a friend who is being abused, speaking up, and being an engaged bystander are all examples of things you can do to help.

Eliza’s Helping Hands & The Cool Program has partnered with U-Haul in an effort to give access to victims that may need our services and possibly a U-Haul while they are in transition. Anytime that that a person calls and schedules a -Haul anywhere in the U.S. or rents a truck, trailers or any service that we have available at our office, a percentage goes to Eliza’s Helping Hands, which we then use to help our victims and survivors for unexpected expenses they may need while they are in transition. Victims who may need to move unexpectedly can also use our service at no cost (only for Winston Salem and Kernersville residents) as long as they have a protective order in place.

You can call either (336) 776-0322 to reserve a Uhaul. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to another city or state, even if you don’t get the truck from our lot. As long as we either book the reservation or rent the truck from our lot, we still get a percentage of the rental.

CALL 336 776-0322