Photo of the EHH Staff

Kenya T

We wanted to form another resource in the community to be able to assist and help those affected by domestic violence and other violent crimes. So I decided to name Eliza’s Helping Hands after my grandmother who’s values lie in helping, loyalty and hard work. I may have founded EHH, but God is the one that steers it where it needs to go.

Connie T

I wanted to be able to help those in the community – especially those in the immigrant community – who may be in fear of coming forward and needing help.

Andrea R

I was so happy to be able to join this organization which has allowed me to be able to help those in the community and at the same time allow my knowledge to grow professionally and emotionally as an individual.

Tenika C

I work as the Victim Support Director where I try my very best to give victims hope and opportunity to get support, empowerment, and hope for a better future.

Denise T

Denise T

I work as office support and court advocate where I assist clients with the court process. I enjoy not only helping clients but learning about myself.