Inspired by her grandmother Eliza’s giving heart, Kenya Thorton founded Eliza’s Helping Hands in 2015 to help victims of various crimes.
Since then, the organization has served over 5,000 clients.

Eliza's Helping Hands Mission

Eliza’s Helping Hands is a Winston-Salem-based minority-women-led non-profit focused on serving men, women, and children affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and other violent crimes.

  • We provide programming and trauma-informed services for victims and survivors of all types of domestic abuse.
  • We work to hold domestic violence offenders accountable for the harm they have caused victims and their communities, and we advocate for social justice for those who typically don’t have a voice.
  • Regardless of ethnicity, we serve the citizens of Forsyth County, NC, and surrounding areas.

Community Support

We and work alongside community service organizations and government agencies to advocate for the well-being of every person seeking assistance.

  • Forsyth County District Court Services
  • Department of Social Services
  • Children’s Law Center
  • Winston Salem Police Department
  • The Winston Salem Sheriff’s Department
  • Domestic Violence Victim Crime Unit
  • Community Intervention Services
  • Winston Salem State University
  • Wake Forest University Law Domestic Unit

We are also committed to educating and training future students from local universities who have a shared interest in social work, law, and human-related fields.