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About Us

Eliza’s Helping Hands, Inc is incorporated as a non-profit organization striving to bring resources to victims, their families and un-served populations effected by Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, violence and social injustice.

We are a community-focused organization that is based on educational training, mental health services, supportive services for victims, families, and all those un-served and served populations in the community.

We work with a partner organization, Community Intervention and Educational Services. This organization focuses not only on getting resources to victims and their families, but it also works to rehabilitate and re-educate those who have committed acts of domestic violence in order to prevent future crimes. The program for offenders of domestic violence, also known as, "The COOL Program", stands for Creating Opportunities for Others to Learn. To learn more about this organization and the many great services it offers to the city of Winston-Salem and surrounding areas, please visit their

Community Intervention and Educational Services

Mission Statement

Our mission and belief is that prevention and education are key components to everything we do at our organization. In collaboration with other organizations in the community, we have developed a concrete set of resources and services, which enhances our community as a whole. Our goal is to make these resources easily accessible to the community in which we serve.

Board of Directors / Community Advisors

Susan Stevens

Board Chair

Rachel Barnhardt


Betsey Gauthier


Wake Wagner


Stephanie Gimenez

Gina Josan

Lesley Juarez

Philip Lavalle

Michele McBryde

Miles Scott

Kenya Thornton

In Memory of Eliza Eddy Williams