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About Us

About EHH

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Eliza’s Helping Hands is a local non-profit whose focus is to serve men, women, and children affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other violent crimes that affect our community. We advocate for social justice for those who typically don’t have a voice.


Our founder who first began servicing court-ordered offenders through The COOL Program in 2012, which focused on educating clients ordered to complete an approved domestic violence program, founded Eliza’s Helping Hands. Because of the services that offenders were getting, we saw the need for additional victim services. Eliza’s Helping Hands was born!

Eliza’s Helping Hands works with the following:

-Forsyth County District Court Services

-Department of Social Services

-Children’s Law Center

-Winston Salem Police Department

-The Winston Salem Sheriff’s Department

-Domestic Violence Victim Crime Unit

-Community Intervention Services

-Winston Salem State University

-Wake Forest University Law Domestic Unit

…just to mention a few!

We are also committed to educating and training future students from local universities who have a shared interest in social work, law, and human-related fields.

Mission Statement

Named after her grandmother who was also a giver of the heart, Eliza’s Helping Hands was formed to help victims of various crimes. The COOL Program and Eliza’s Helping Hands grew as the need for more services became apparent. Initially starting at a free space donated by Winston Salem State University, both agencies grew to serving over 5,000 clients to date.

We hope to continue to be able to serve and work alongside all of our community partners and government agencies to continue to advocate for the well being of every person we come in contact with.